A bouquet of roses is often an eyecatcher for everyone

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They can be found at many florists and flower shops like InterRose. Most people have already seen dozens of roses in their lives, but still, there are a lot of things that are not all that well-known about this beautiful flowers. So at what kind of roses are there? What are the traditions concerning the gift or a rose? Which colours of roses are available? At what kind of occasions are roses given to some you love or care about? And how do these perfumes and other fragrances get their rose fragrance? These things are the things that we would like to tell you a bit more about. And maybe we’ll able to tell you some things that you never knew about this beautiful flowers. And maybe we’ll even be able to inspire you to get some for yourself.


Traditions Concerning Roses
Roses are, as many people know, the traditional flowers of love. They are given on many occasions that revolve around love. Think of all the roses that are given on Valentine’s Day. You can present your lover with one single rose. Often, this rose already says enough and all the more beautiful because of its simplicity. But you can also provide a whole bunch of roses. A bouquet of roses is often an eyecatcher for everyone who enters your home. Roses are also used at weddings. White and red roses are the most popular choice for weddings, but pink roses, blue roses or other colours are nice when you have a themed wedding. Often, a bridesmaid spreads rose pedals when a bride walks through the aisle. Often, one single rose is given when someone likes to express their love. But some people go a bit further. On anniversaries, some lovers give one rose for each year that has been together, which is a beautiful gesture that singles the love they have for each other.


The Colours of a Rose
They come in many colours. The red rose is the kind of rose most people think of when they think about the word ‘rose’. There are red freedom roses and red Naomi roses. But there are lots of other colours available. Black and white will probably not sound very unfamiliar, but there are also yellow, lilac, orange, blue, peach and purple roses. And did you know that there are roses that have a mixed colour? These roses are multi-coloured roses consisting of at least two different colours. We don’t mean two shades of the same colour, but literally two different colours such as yellow and blue, green and purple or pink and orange.


Roses Used on Perfume
Roses are often used for perfume. You can use them for all kinds of fragrances such as perfumes, shower products, bath products, home fragrances and other aromas. These fragrances are created via rose oil. This oil provides the rosy smell that comes from the fragrance.


So which things do you already know about roses? Maybe you know some other facts about roses.